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Social networks play an important role in our lives nowadays, and Telegram social network has been able to gain special popularity among people. Telegram has over one billion users currently, and the number Of monthly active users is now close to one billion. Older businesses are no longer as viable as they used to be, and if they Keep their businesses away from social media, they will be failed. We Recommend any business to continue using social media. Using social Networks, you can offer your products and services to a large number of Users, and this should increase your sales Telegram has become very popular in many countries, and this makes it a Suitable social network for your online activities.

Telegram member adder

Why do we suggest telegram, a popular social network?

Telegram is one of the most popular and most popular social networks in the country, which has a great impact on the prosperity and development of businesses. This platform can now be considered a store or shopping center where many capitalists and businesses start operating on a daily basis. But what is the reason for the increase in the number of businesses in Telegram? Why do businesses prefer advertising on this platform to other forms of advertising? Today in the Telegram space, we see that businesses are buying members for their Telegram channel; what is the reason for this?

In the field of advertising, the audience plays the most important role because it is the people of the community who use the products and services of businesses to grow and develop them. For this reason, in the field of advertising, there are spaces for publishing ads that have a large number of users. Since its establishment, Telegram has attracted many users in Iran and abroad, and this number is increasing day by day, according to statistics.

Before we talk about the benefits of buying member for the Telegram channel, you need to know about the methods of buying members. It is also important to note that many businesses, depending on the type of work they do, have to use different methods for Members. In general, buying real members and buying fake members are methods of getting members. It is clear that the real member has many effects on the development and expansion of channels, but the effects of the fake member cannot be ignored. As mentioned, businesses should use member buying methods according to their type of activity.


Telegram gives you the ability to create a channel or group on this popular social network, you will put content on your channel and other users will see it, but they cannot send a reply for others to see. But in the group, all users discuss and exchange views

The best solution for any business is to create a channel and a group next to it to exchange users' opinions, because you put announcements in the channel and discounts and product introductions, and you are in contact with users in the group.

But simply creating a channel or group is not the end of your advertising on the Telegram social network, just as when you set up a shop you have to advertise for it so that users are attracted to you and use your services or products, for one page. Appropriate advertising should be done in virtual networks as well.

We provide services related to telegram member adder

We have a very wide range of services to increase the visibility of your services and products. You have two general strategies for introducing yourself and growing your telegram channel or group:


  1. Direct users to your channel or group at low speed

2 - Buy related services with high speed and quality


* For example: ‌When you set up a shop, do you distribute advertising leaflets yourself? Or do you entrust the responsibility of distributing them to someone else and you manage the important work yourself?

If you want to invite users to your channel or group yourself, you have a very difficult task ahead of you because there are many limitations to doing so. (For example, if you want to add users whose number you save in your Telegram to your channel or group, you have a limit first of all, and after 50 Telegram users will restrict your account and may even delete your account, And many people whose numbers you have in their account privacy settings have been blocked from being added to the channel or group by other people)

But there is one important point: let's consider two channels, channel number one and channel number two. Channel number one contains 70 members and channel number two contains 4,000 members, both channels offer a completely similar product and at the same time the advertisements of the two channels are sent to you by a friend. Which channel do you and other users trust the most?

Definitely a channel that has more initial members than chances to attract members during advertising.

That is why we recommend using our telegram member adder services.

Every business needs our special packages to start on social networks, we have special services for your channel and business group.

In the first stage, we suggest that you buy at least 10,000 fake members for your channel, and in the second stage, you should buy the equivalent of 3,000 group members for every 10,000 channel members for your channel group.

Now you have a channel with at least 10,000 members and a group with at least 3,000 members.

Now it is the turn of our special services, of course, when you have a channel with ten thousand members, the posts that are placed inside the channel should have at least 2,000 views, and since the purchased members are inactive, you need to buy visits for your posts. , We also have this service and using our robot, every post you put in your channel will be visited completely automatically, and to order this product, you can contact the site support.

Now is the time for a special service for your group, definitely now you need to attract real members and use them to increase the sales of your products. We can transfer members of other groups, such as your rival groups, to your group. This service includes 100% real members because all members are completely real people who are customers of services like yours.

Our service capacity is high and we can transfer up to one hundred thousand members from other groups to your group, to buy this service, send a message to the site support.

Buy group member to Telegram group and transferring a group member to another group are among the methods that you can have with a reasonable cost and short group time. This way you can check the members of your competitors group and add them to your group. As a result, by using this method, you purposefully increase your group members, this will make your group more active, make you more and better seen. Finally, you can achieve your goal of having an active and successful business group that generates high revenue for you.


Frequently Asked Questions by Users:


What is group to group members?

Group to group members means transferring a group of active members in other groups to your group. You can check the members of other groups and transfer them to your group. You can contact our consultants for more information. "

What are the advantages of using the group member method?

Using this method, you can select targeted members according to your services and products and benefit from them in your Telegram channel. This way your telegram channel will grow easily.

Is this legal?

Yes, it is completely legal and there is no problem or legal prohibition.

Will the added members leave my channel after a while?

For real members this percentage is very high. In Fake members service, this number is below 10%.

If I want 50,000 members, can you add it in a few days? For example, 2500 members per day?

Yes, but inform the support after registering the order and preferably before registering the order.

Will buying members cause problem for my channel?

No, there will be no problems for your channel and we guarantee that all our activities are legal.

How can I purchase?

You can register your order through our site or Telegram support and use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and PayPal to pay for it.



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