Wedding Overlays Pack – Videohive 21501053
بازدید : 22 | چهارشنبه 14 مهر 1400 - 12:39
مدیر سایت
ارسالی ها : 919
عضویت : 9 /3 /1393
تشکر ها : 82
تشکر شده : 147
Wedding Overlays Pack – Videohive 21501053

Videographers’ Wedding Overlays Pack!
Wedding Overlays Pack – Videohive 21501053 is a great collection of 36 overlays clips with a total duration of more than 8’ minutes!
A special tool for quality marriage video producers (Candid or Traditionals) & editors, beautifing, stylising & adding production value & glamour to footages of wedding videos (highlights – videoclips – elegant slideshows, or even fashion sequences etc)

The collection features stylish rosepetals / sakura, veils curtains, bokeh reflections, light leaks, particles, glares, glints, text overlays, transitions in beautiful colors!
  • Can be used with all editing and compositing software that supports blend modes!

  • (Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Edius, Apple Motion, Fusion, DaVinci Resolve and more software). Other, just needs plugins that uses Blending modes like Avid Media Composer using Sapphire MathOps or Bcc Composite etc)
  • FullHD Pal and Ntsc versions included (25 fps – 29.97 fps). Keep the ones you need![*]Rose & sakura petals have embedded alpha channel (Quicktime PNG)

  • All other clips are video only in H264 (.mp4) format
  • Use as top layer solo, or combine clips to get more interesting results![*]Help Video Tutorial (with tips & tricks) and catalog library of the clips included!

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